There are very few people today it seems that have much passion for anything but themselves and how fast they can get what they want and run over those in their way.
I’m hoping that I’m wrong, it would be nice if I was.

When driving on the freeway I see people cutting others off and giving them the swear finger in their direction when they honk. I had a guy pull in front of me a couple of months ago and nearly ran me off the highway. I honked at him to let him know I was there but he just kept on coming in his oversized pick up like because he was bigger than me it didn’t matter.
He gave me the one finger salute, at the same time telling me his intelligence level, and had such a look filled with hatred that I was totally shocked. He was yelling and screaming and waving his fists at me. I just shook my head and laughed out of shock. This of course made him even angrier.
I’m trying to figure out what has happened to this country where you could count on your fellow man. Now everyone is afraid to say hi in fear that some nut job is going to shoot you.
I have a passion. It’s for the way things used to be. Like respecting police officers and firemen for the hard work they do that most don’t have the courage to do. When young inexperienced people such as the manager and staff at the Black and red café do something that is disrespectful to these hard working men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us, it gets me riled and angry.
What has this young man done for his country and community? Has he ever laid his life on the line for one of his fellow man?
What ever happened to respect, decency, honor, integrity?
Passion, what are you passionate about? Let myself and others know by leaving a comment before you leave.

  1. kiwidutch says:

    People being less self absorbed and more giving are out there in vast numbers but often in a muted, understated way.
    We personally do a lot for other people, in many ways, giving not just financially, but also skills, effort and time. I know many like-minded people, but it’s not done for public recognition, it’s done quietly and privately behind the scenes.
    I’ve travelled widely and often it was the people who had the least who gave the most. It was very humbling. Now it’s time to give back.
    Yes you are right, there could be far more done to help others, but start with Yourself and the way you teach your kids: don’t fret about the self absorbtion of others, if they are that wrapped up in themselves then they are not likely to be receptive anyway.
    Tough for them, they miss out on the fact that giving without expectation of return brings a sense of pleasure that FAR outweighs any pleasure that materialic consumerism can buy.
    “the way things used to be?” Please don’t see things though rose coloured glasses, the past was farrr from perfect. There will always be good people, bullies, racists, lazy, incompetent, hard workers, honest, dishonest etc.
    Time doesn’t change human nature.
    Respect should given when it’s earned.
    Can you say that you personally know most of the neighbours in your street? it’s a great place to start… get passionate about people close by that you can help and if everyone does this our entire communities may have a less impersonal face and a more human one.
    Re, your crazy driver, it’s like person in the loud shirt, he stands out, you fumed so much over him you didn’t see the thousands of other drivers on your route home who drove like decent people should and do. They just blended annomously into the background.

    • Well,
      While I agree with most of your comments, it’s hard not to look at the world through Christian colored glasses.
      I was raised, and agree and believe for myself after thinking about it for 50 years, that Christians are called to be different than the rest of society.
      Unfortunately, far too many Christians are just blending anonymously into the woodwork.
      We are called to be salt. Being salt means we are to add flavor to the world. We are to stand out and lead the way when it comes to love, passion about something, and standing out as moral citizens who care.
      Far too many Christians are just pew warmers, not only in church but in life in general.
      This nation is in the mess that it’s in today because the people that founded and formed this nation are no longer guiding its steps and leading the way. They have just given up and sunk their heads in the sand.
      The whole, don’t tell anyone when they’re wrong philosophy is what has caused this country to fall apart. Now I’m not talking hypocrisy, I’m talking genuinely encouraging people to once again take up the torch and lead, and light the way.
      No one wants to say anything anymore for fear of being accused of being non PC.
      I say PC be damned and have passion about something whether it’s popular or not.
      It is not only your right as a citizen of America, but it is your duty as an American.
      Freedom does not come without a price! This country is poised on the brink of losing many of its freedoms and too many Americans are dumbed down by Hollywood that they don’t even know it.
      In so many ways, we are truly living in a Matrix like world and far too many people are asleep.
      Yes I know many of my neighbors. The ones that allow themselves to be known, which are few and far between these days.

  2. Kiwidutch says:

    I have faith and live by the ” to whom much is given much is required” ideal.
    I believe we will be judged at the end of our lives by what we could have done with the gifts and resources we were given or born with…
    I’m married to a wonderful man who grew up son of a pastor and their family was literally the most neglected family in the Parrish because his father put every last parishioner before his own family. 100% of the time. There was a lot of damage abd scars done by that. Hubby is now a devout atheist.
    That said, he is one of the most Christian people I have *ever* met ( if that makes sense) because he lives his life by extremely Christian ideals and values on a very practical level.
    We are a household who’s mission in life appears by chance and serendipity to be the taking in and nurture of people who you might call “waifs and strays” of society, During our week you’ll typically find us feeding people /giving them a bed/a listening ear /practical help or all of the above. Christmas dinner when home in NL consists of many extras at our home who would otherwise be alone.
    I collect strangers off the street in need too LOL.
    Need a strong guy to help lay the paving stones in your garden, help you shift house, get on your roof and clean the gutters, do repair work, pick up a paintbrush when you are renovating, or shovel dirt because you are adding a cellar to your house?…Hubby is the person who constantly both volunteers in a heartbeat AND consistantly turns up. It goes far further than that but as a tiny example…
    That’s often where the rubber meets the road, in the practical things where time and effort are involved.
    I used to attend Church Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings in New Zealand, Home groups and bible study during the week… you know, truth is, my interaction with people outside Church was pretty much NIL.
    I don’t think that Jesus really meant us to hang out in little groups and do nothing but talk the talk. He wants us to walk the walk.
    So yes I have faith, but I don’t attend church here. (the type of churches on offer are also a problem)
    I’m not meaning to sound judgmental on people who do differently than I do… what feels right for me might not necessarily right for them. I just think that having been on both sides of the coin I prefer the one I am on now… and at the end of my life I suppose I’ll find out if I was on the right track or not.
    Being Salt for me is dealing with the people that others have given up on, dealing with the difficult person regardless when you are tried have a heap of things to do and they are on the doorstep for the 4th time this week, doing at all again next week and the week after… and not resenting it. Loving them anyway because that’s what they need most. Believing: “there but for the grace of God go I..”
    Salt is being the person who always stays behind and cleans up after everyone else has scarpered because ” they are too busy, have places to go, people to see” (or just can’t be bothered) You’ll always find the *same* few setting up and clearing away…getting their hands dirty.
    Luckily hospitality is our forte and we are in a position to share, if we have a need ourselves it invariably falls into place, I believe that the two are connected.
    I think that if people everywhere would just freely give time,effort or talent to a complete stranger for no payment for just one hour a week, our nations would be a lot less selfish.
    That’s Salt… and just like salt it happens grain by grain 🙂

  3. sonsothunder says:

    I agree with both of you. And I pray for your husband. Because, even though Ted Turner has become a Billionaire by practicing Biblical Principles, according to him, he doesn’t believe in God. ( could be that he is only angry at God, for allowing his sister to die, and will one day again profess Jesus as his savior? ) Nonetheless, If we are to live by great principles, and still die to eternity due to not accepting Gods Word, then what does it profit a man…Or, as you both well know the verse:

    Mark 8:36
    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
    If we can’t do anything to be saved, then what good is a benevolent action?

    And on the issue of rose colored glasses, I have to agree with Brad, it is those who refuse to see that the world is following a dark path of self-reliance, who are seeing through conditioned lenses, and we are told to see the light.

    Time may not change human nature, but, if one believes the Words of JESUS, the times of the end…will reveal human nature to become increasingly evil.

    ( Though I wont go into it at this time, I believe it has to do with a certain seal being opened. A seal of Satan, not one that God ever wished upon anyone.)

    I am with you also Kiwi, I can see that you have a loving heart. And as far as the Churches being offered, well, I have to admit that I also do not attend one at this time.
    Religions, and Denominations, in my opinion are not of God either. And two months ago, I could still blame it on having to work on the days that Church services were offered. Unfortunately, just as Brad, I now however, am unemployed.

    But, I know from experience, that in every town, in every corner of the world…there is a true Church…waiting for us to either go to…or, perhaps, to open in our own living rooms to those out there who are in the need …of Benevolence, and Gods Word…and the two must never be separated. Just my( Bible Thumping Opinion ).
    God Bless both of you.

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