I do not mean to offend with thoughts or words expressed on this page. I am merely expressing my opinons as allowed currently under the 1st ammendment of the US Constitution. There are things that are happening in this once great country, that if left unwatched and unimpeded, will bring this country to its knees. This is not an outside attack, nor is it imaginary. It is coming from the inside, there are those who freely admit to being socialist, and they view our Constitution as a fluid work. No, I’ll say no a thousand times it was never intended to be a fluid document, it was meant to stand the test of time and outside attack. Unfortunately because we have become the nation of convenience and video games, we have grown slack on our duties to watch and observe. To ever be vigilant.

I don’t know what makes me angrier, the story itself or the fact that out of over 200,000 hits on Google for this story; there wasn’t one major newspaper or television news network that ran this story.
That is the saddest comment on American Journalism that I can think of. I, one lone man can find 240,000 + hits on a story in less than 40 seconds and Reuters, API, Fox news (typically conservative), CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN… nobody reported on this? Seriously? Nobody gives a darn about old people? Our country has stooped this low.
I remember when I was growing up in the 1960’s in Oakland, California. We had a wonderful sweet sister that went to our church. She and her husband had been going there for over 40 years. My, how I miss that dear sweet Sister Bea.
She was an older African American woman (she would laugh at that now and say honey, call me colored or black, it’s ok it’s the color God himself made me, and then pat me on the head and smile her sweet smile). I can just imagine how she would react to the following news.
Despite the anger brewing inside me over this insidious twist of the 1st and 4th amendment to our beloved Constitution of the United States of America, I can’t help but laugh at the thought of Sister Bee gettin up in Heaven, and shakin her white hankey and say go on now Bradley you speak it boy.
Here is a snippet of a Google search that I did not more than 2 minutes ago. Of import is the search field and what I asked for and the amount of returns on that subject and how quickly it came back. That means there are a lot of people buzzing about this. And it’s very current news.
Yes as you have no doubt deduced by now there is something wicked in river city, something stinks in Denmark and the World is going to… well you get the point.
There are Senior Citizens all over the state of Georgia, long a part of the proud heritage of our Christian ancestry that have been told, they can no longer pray for meals in their nursing home dining rooms. Some have said well it should be done in private. Apparently they have been monitoring the residents closing their eyes in the dining room and punishing them for praying. Since when did it become anti American to bow your head and pray in silence?
This is a spit in the face of these senior citizens (many of whom no doubt shaped the nation we know and love today, (no doubt many of them armed in battles during WW II or Korea), and a spit in the face of the founding fathers of our nation, and what’s worse, a spit in the face of the one this nation was originally founded for, God himself.
How dare you Georgia? You last bastion of the Bible belt under the Mighty Magnolia tree. Your Magnolia blossoms are rotten and your people are weary.

Have these people who decided to enforce this law, or the court which later approved it, ever read the Constitution of the United States of America or the Declaration of Independence?
I know, sadly 23% of people polled recently could not tell the pollsters what the three branches of our government were. (For those of you in that poll that might be reading here, it is 1. The Executive (hint: The President) 2. The Legislature (hint: Senate and House of Representatives) 3. The Judicial system (the people in black that sit way up high in a courtroom that you have probably visited once or twice)
You know what the main difference is between the current day progressives who have taken over the Democrat party and the Republican Party? The difference is I’m glad a black man finally made it into the office of the President of the best darn country in the world. But I would not cross a 2 inch street to shake that man’s hand. Why? Not because he’s an African American! I grew up around thousands of African Americans. It is because he is trying to change the fabric of our once great land. He is trying to hire a judge who has never tried a case in court, and who flagrantly violated a long standing Federal law, when she refused to allow the ROTC to come onto the campus of Harvard. The Court told her there’s no reason under the Federal law that they can’t come onto your campus. What did she do? She said I’m not going to let them on campus in direct violation of Federal Law and a US judge. This is the woman that Obama wants to put into the Supreme Court for the next 20-30 years. Also because he bowed his knee to a foreign Muslim dignitary (Which no other leader of the free world has ever done) and because before a Muslim audience he stated “America is not a Christian Nation, we offer diversity”. There is about 290 years of history that would prove you wrong Mr. President! (Before and after the Declaration of Independence where the writers talked about a corrupt and tyrannical king and how a people in order to form a more perfect union….sound familiar?) If you haven’t ever read it before folks, it will bring a tear to your eye for it rings freedom to everyone who understands it. And by the way Mr. President, stop calling our Nation a Democracy! Through 260 years of blood, sweat, and tears… We are a Constitutional Republic and proud of it.
But you know what? Because he is the President of this great and once holy nation, if I were able to throw myself in front of a bullet going his way aimed by some psycho lunatic nut job that no God fearing Christian would ever agree with, I would sacrifice my life or limb to save him. I would do everything in my power to protect him. Why you ask… But that is the answer to the above question. MY momma didn’t raise no fool!
Simply because he is the President of the Nation I love.
No doubt, as I lay there on the ground bleeding or dazed, looking up at him saying glad I could be of assistance Mr. President, He would probably push me and his secret service agents off, get up and brush himself off, and walk away, without looking back once, (after all he ignored the voices of millions of Americans over the health care bill, why would my voice be any different), but I would do it any day of the week. God bless the office of President, God bless Americans, and God bless the United States of America!

    This is a picture of President Obama bowing before foreign dignitaries.

    (I’m not sure if this is before or after he said that “We are not a Christian Nation”. Despite over 260 years of history that proves otherwise.)
    Mr. President, I can appreciate you saying that you are a man from humble beginings. (Although I wouldn’t exactly call being descipled from the age of 3 on, by Maurice Strong, and a Full Scholarship to Harvard, humble beginnings.) But if you want to bow your knee… rather than disgracing America, and the name and memory of every President that has walked the halls of of the Whitehouse before you, why don’t you bow your knee to the very maker of this great nation, God Almighty, and learn a little humility and grace before the very one who made the planets and the stars, and I daresay the office of President of the United States of America.

    Legal Note: All opinions in this blog are my personal opinions and expressed with no intent to cause harm but to cause deep thought, and as such are protected under the First Ammendment of the US Constitution. Written, Oral or otherwise.

    1. alice says:

      The constitution first amendment says seperation of church and state. If someone wants to pray in silence that is their business. I do it all the time and no one knows. They are following the constitution by following the separation of church and state. Good for the nursing home.

      • Hello Alice,
        Sorry for the time delay in responding to your comment. Things have been crazy around here. Between finals week last week and the fact that Congress has been playing ping pong with unemployment extensions with the Senate and my unemployment has run out.
        First of all while I appreciate your comments, and appreciate your right to make your comments, I want to inform you that you are completely in error historically and on the Constitution. Don’t feel bad this misnomer has been spread insidiously by the liberal Anti-Christian agenda.
        The truth about the supposed

          “Separation of Church and State”

        is that it does not occur anywhere in the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, or the Amendments to the US Constitution.
        Nowhere in either of those founding documents will you ever read the statement

          “separation of church and state”

        . I have read them numerous times; sadly the majority of Americans do not even know what the Declaration of Independence is.
        A fairly recent poll told us that less than 28% of Americans could tell what the three branches of the United States Government, which has stood since our founding in 1776.
        The section in question is really discussing the fact that under the tyranny of King George telling the Christians living in America and in England, how they could worship and when they could worship.
        They are standing up to the tyranny of King George and his morally corrupt government.

          only time

        that the words “separation of church and state” have ever been mentioned, was in a letter from a Baptist minister to Thomas Jefferson. In that letter, this minister told Jefferson that the Constitution should be formed in a way that never again, would a ruler or government tell the Christians or the church as a whole how, when, and why they should worship. The intention of this letter was to remind Mr. Jefferson what he already knew, that we as a people left England to form a nation where everyone would have the right to worship as they chose and the government would be separated from the church, not vice versa.
        The current practice by those in Congress, the Senate, the Judicial system, and the Whitehouse are practicing something that was never in the US Constitution and was never intended by the US Constitution.
        The separation of Church and State was and is worded to keep the government out of the affairs of the church. Not to keep Christian activities and principals out of the government. This would truly be foolish since the US Government was totally formed and founded based on Christian scripture and Christian principles. The majority of the founders of this nation were Christian by faith and profession. Even the ones that weren’t, knew how important it was to live a moral life based on biblical foundations (not whatever feels good do it).
        Unfortunately, all too many in power in the current US Government have done all they could within their power to remove God from the face of America and American Government. Anyone who has ever read the actual history of America, and the words of the founding fathers, and the actual words of the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution would know this. But since only 28% (or less) actually know what the three branches of the US Government are, it is brightly, and glaringly obvious that very few have done that, and listen to what they are told by the liberal elite who are trying to destroy the fabric of this nation and turn it into something it was never intended to be.

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