1. I have just been onto your Flickr account and would like to say how beautiful your pictures are and (from the pictures) what a lovely family you have. I have commented on my favourite pictures out of your album and I hope you find my comments useful. I would just like to say that I understand your current situation, but when things in your life are on the rise, maybe you should invest in an SLR camera, its doesn’t have to be a brand spanking new one just any one. Because its obvious to see that you have a passion for photography and enjoy it, you also have an eye for great scenery to photography (which i might add, isn’t always the case for even professional photographers), the only reason i suggest you getting an SLR is due to your skill with the camera and the way you take your photos, if you had an SLR your photographs would be perfect, you take them add the right angles, try to capture the right things and manage to choose the right things/places to photograph. It just means you will have a wider range of settings to take your photos with, like macro for example. Hope this is of some help! 🙂 Well done!

    • thank you for the comments. I would love to have the money to buy a nice slr digital. Canon has a very nice one that is a 12mp that is roughly the same as my 35mm film camera but I just don’t have the 800 bucks.
      I’ll have to post some of the pictures I took for my digital photography class.

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