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  •  This is a response to someone who left a comment on one of my posts. I thought the topic was important enough to put my response into a post on the main page.

For any American who would like to actually read the founding documents of the country you live in, but never have before… there are numerous places this can be done.
One which has a lot of information available for free and in one convenient location is

To Alice or anyone, I challenge you to look at these two snippets of the US Constitution and the US Declaration of Independence and then read the real document. Search these documents, research the history of the time they were written, search your soul, if these two documents don’t make your heart swell with pride and bring tears to your eyes, for the freedom and wondrous land that we are blessed to call home.

Then before you look elsewhere to complain about what’s wrong with your country, I would humbly suggest you look within yourself and ask yourself why you are not moved by either of these two documents, and what they stand for.

 Has our country become one of the most arrogant Godless nations ever to exist on the planet? Yes. But that is only because far too many, including some of our past, and definitely our current leaders have either not read these two documents, or have forgotten them and what they stand for… the blood that was shed to create them and defend them during the Revolutionary war, the toil of Millions since July 4th 1776 to defend and honor what this nation originally stood for.

The arrogance of Americans that have forgotten what this nation originally stood for, has consumed this nation and turned it into a blighted eyesore, full of greed, arrogance, criminal ill-will towards our fellow-man, and contempt for our Christian heritage.

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Hello Alice,
Sorry for the time delay in responding to your comment. Things have been crazy around here. Between finals week last week and the fact that Congress has been playing ping-pong with unemployment extensions with the Senate and my unemployment has run out.
First of all, while I appreciate your comments, and appreciate your right to make your comments, I want to inform you that you are completely in error historically, and in regards to the US Constitution.

Don’t feel bad, this misnomer has been spread insidiously by the liberal Anti-Christian agenda.
The truth about the supposed “Separation of Church and State” is that it does not occur anywhere in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, or the Amendments to the US Constitution. (Or for that matter the Federalist papers or the notes of the Constitutional Convention)
Nowhere in any of those founding documents will you ever read the statement “separation of church and state”.

I have read them numerous times; sadly the majority of Americans do not even know what the Declaration of Independence really is or what it really means to the people of the United States of America.
A fairly recent poll told us that less than 28% of Americans could tell what the three branches of the United States Government are, the same ones which have stood since our founding in 1776. (I find this polls outcome even more disturbing and sad, than the 13% polled that still believe the sun revolves around the earth)
The section of the Constitution in question, is really discussing the fact that under the tyranny of King George telling those Christians living in America and back in England, how they could worship, and when they could worship.
They are standing up to the tyranny of King George and his morally corrupt government.

The only time that the words “separation of church and state” have ever been mentioned in historical documents would be in the Jefferson letters ,  from a Baptist minister to Thomas Jefferson. In that letter, this minister told Jefferson that the Constitution should be formed in a way that never again, would a ruler or government tell the Christians or the church as a whole how, when, and why they should worship. The intention of this letter was to remind Mr. Jefferson of what he already knew, that we as a people left England to form a nation where everyone would have the right to worship as they chose and the government would be separated from the church, not vice versa.

One does not have to be a Judeo-Christian in nature or belief to appreciate the freedom that this affords. In fact if you are an atheist or agnostic, you of all poeple should applaud the nature of this truth. You as well, are free to practice your religious beliefs (or lack therof) freely because of the true meaning of the section refering to “Congress shall enact no laws”.
The current practice by those in Congress, the Senate, the Judicial system, and the Whitehouse is something which was never in the US Constitution and was never intended by the US Constitution, or the founding fathers.

The only use of the words separation of Church and State, was then and is now, worded to keep the government out of the affairs of the church corporately, or individuals rights to their beliefs or choice not to believe.

It was Not intended to keep Christian activities, and principles out of the government (Such as nativity scenes on City property).

To invoke the latter would be at best a foolish logical fallacy, since the US Government was totally formed and founded, on Christian scripture and Christian principles. Thomas Jefferson himself said “Without God, this Nation cannot stand!” 

The majority of the founders of this nation were Christian by faith and profession.

Even the ones that weren’t, knew how important it was to live a moral life based on biblical foundations (not whatever feels good do it). Also, those that weren’t of the Christian faith, knew that if one day, Christians lost their right to assemble and worship freely as they chose, then one day their beliefs and rights would be attacked as well. (This very thing has played out over the centuries in Russia, China, Germany, Korea, Muslim Nations, and every other nation that has controlled thought and religion of its peoples)
Sadly, too many in power in the current US Government, have done all they could within their power to remove God from the face of America and American Government.

Anyone who has ever read the actual history of America, and the words of the founding fathers, and the actual words of the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution would know this. However, since only 28% (or less) actually know what the three branches of the US Government are, it is brightly, and glaringly obvious that very few have done that. 

Instead they listen to what they are told by the liberal elite, who are trying to destroy the fabric of this nation and turn it into something it was never intended to be.