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Connecticut, I don’t need to tell you your rich heritage,

  • One of the first 13 colonies
  • The 5th state to be ratified in 1788 by Puritan settlers from Massachusetts
  • such a magnificient work of State law that it became the bedrock case study for the US Constitution
  • You are called the Constitution State

You have the opportunity to make a change. You have an opportunity to make a very important change in current politics. We were told in the last Presidential election that it was time for change. Many (not myself included) voted for change.

However, the change we got is trying to undermine the Constitution the President swore to uphold and protect by the very current President that swore that oath of protection.

The change we currently have is attempting to bring back bigotry and racial bias, something that the late Dr. Martin Luther King would not have wanted to come from the office of a President from African American heritage.

The change that is supposedly supposed to protect us financially and make things better financially has gone from less than $9 Trillion dollars in debt to over $12 Trillion in debtin the last year.

The change that was supposed to bring more jobs to American’s has seen over 30 million Americans lose their jobs in less than a year since this change was brought to the table.

Change points fingers at the past while it’s hands take from the mouths of children in need.

Change says “We are not a Christian Nation”, when Thomas Jefferson said, “Without God, we could never have America as we know it!” and change bows it’s knee to Muslim dignitaries and kisses their ring finger.

Change allows the worst ecological disaster in the history of the United States, and blames others, even though change forced the US Coast Guard to keep recovery teams at bay and away from the spill site for days rather than allowing them to go in and start immediately.

Change has aligned itself with George Soros, Saul Alinsky, and Bill Ayers, Joel Rogers and has tried to Push Cap and Trade.

Change is playing a wild tune on the violin, while I smell smoke in America.

I challenge you people of Connecticut, do you want to maintain the status quo and let this change continue it’s destructive course in America, or do you want to proudly put a man in the whitehouse who knows truth, lives truth, speaks truth and is willing to stand up against the tide of corruption as it smashes down on him like a 70 mile an hour Nor’Wester along the Grand Banks.

Do some research and find some of the writings of those people which founded Connecticut and the rest of the 13 Colonies and see the fire in their eyes and hearts and what they saw for the future… The future as it stands today if we do nothing to stop it is not the future they saw. Please look past the polarizing plague of right or left and look at what’s best for you, what’s best for Connecticut, and most importantly, what’s best for the United States of America!

God bless the people, representatives, and governor of the great state of Connecticut, the US House and Senate, the Office of the President, and may God bless America.


holy eviscerated city Batman
***Thanks to Anthony Watts’ website for this piece of weather bloopery.
Global Warming? The aliens firing lazers at area 51 to force us into giving up their fallen heros and space ships?
Alamagordo going into Nuclear Meltdown because Homer Simpson is the new Facilities director?
Men in Black fighting off aliens from Venus?
Al Gore opening his mouth in yet another speach on Global Warming?
Tipper Gore thinking about her ex’s cheating ways?

Perhaps we’ll never truly know the answer to this mysteriously hot summer day in July 2010. 🙂
or will we?

Unknown date/pulled from from public photo file on Greenpeace official website
In a follow up to the somewhat humorous post yesterday… I find it amazing that GreenPeace is still blindly pushing the Global AGW agenda even though their retired leader admited almost a year ago, to a myriad of lies and mistruth’s planned and executed under their powererful umbrella of activism, that such continued blatant bombardment of lies and propaganda against the intellect of Americans  still exists.

This continued assault, even after their past director stated in the press, that they perpetrated a falsehood in their agenda is not only inexcusable, it should wake up a lot of members (and parents of members), to the type of unethical win at all cost behavior of their beloved organization. Under close questioning by BBC reporter Stephen Sackur on the “Hardtalk” program, Gerd Leipold, the retiring leader of Greenpeace, said the claim was wrong. They are paying our youth to go out and spead their lies and propaganda, under the 1st ammendment of the Constitution it is protected speech, to be sure. However, I have the right to point out their errors in hopes of waking up some of their youth that they have inspired to conspire with them in the pushing of outright lies and a dogma of falsehood in an almost religious way compared to the Hari Krishna or Mormons.
The following is an excerpt from this article linked here

I don’t think it will be melting by 2030. … That may have been a mistake,” he said.
Sackur said the claim was inaccurate on two fronts, pointing out that the Arctic ice is a mass of 1.6 million square kilometers with a thickness of 3 km in the middle, and that it had survived much warmer periods in history than the present.

The BBC reporter accused Leipold and Greenpeace of releasing “misleading information” and using “exaggeration and alarmism.”
Leipold’s admission that Greenpeace issued misleading information is a major embarrassment to the organization, which often has been accused of alarmism but has always insisted that it applies full scientific rigor in its global-warming pronouncements.

Although he admitted Greenpeace had released inaccurate but alarming information, Leipold defended the organization’s practice of “emotionalizing issues” in order to bring the public around to its way of thinking and alter public opinion.

I saw this picture on a job advertisement, they actually pay these people 12-13 bucks an hour… fascinating.

I couldn’t help but notice that they should probably have picked a better time of year to photograph this appeal to get people to come help them fight global warming.

The two girls wearing anti global warming propaganda on their shirts, are wearing so much cold weather clothing that you can’t see their “Stop Global Warming” T shirts.

Even the Whale looks cold!

strange information from

I would laugh if this weren’t so infuriating, stupid, assanine, and scary.
I really don’t know what else to say about this one.

This picture was taken by Anthony Watts while on a speaking tour in Australia

While on a speaking tour in Australia, Anthony Watts was walking back to his room apparently when his associate and local guide mentioned “What a great place for a temperature sensor eh Anthony?”

For the longest time I looked with the magnifyer at it’s highest setting looking for a temp sensor and was unable to find it.

After about a week it dawned on me, Australians are known for their “unique” sense of humor.

Sure enough after leaving a comment on the person in question left a comment that indeed I had fallen victim to the Aussie sense of humor.

But my oh my after looking at many of the places that people have put sensors for the NOAA to gather data, this would indeed have been the perfect place for a temperature sensor.

This is from Al Gore’s journal:

Stop Censoring News From The Gulf June 14, 2010 : 1:08 PMThese reports are deeply disturbing:

“When the operators of Southern Seaplane in Belle Chasse, La., called the local Coast Guard-Federal Aviation Administration command center for permission to fly over restricted airspace in Gulf of Mexico, they made what they thought was a simple and routine request.”

“A pilot wanted to take a photographer from The Times-Picayune of New Orleans to snap photographs of the oil slicks blackening the water. The response from a BP contractor who answered the phone late last month at the command center was swift and absolute: Permission denied.”

This behavior is completely unacceptable. Access by reporters should be as unfettered as possible. This de facto form of censorship needs to stop.

Um Hey AL aren’t you being a little hypocritical?
I point the jury’s attention to the following link of an article and a picture

Al Gore mandated that no press were allowed in during his speach

I sent an email to Mr. Gore about this. Let’s see if there is any response.