Another psychotic nutjob comes along proving yet once again… that it’s more of a rarity to find a sane, intelligent, Muslim who doesn’t hate all non-Muslims and want to wipe them off the face of the earth, than it is a rarity to find a psychotic, murderous nutjob who wants to take over the world.


Pig’s Foot Package Sent to Rep. Peter King
Tuesday, April 5, 2011 10:20  AM
By: Hiram Reisner

Any time you get involved in any controversial issue, there’s always going to be
extremes that react. It probably adds to the climate” of hostility, King told
Politico. He has received around-the-clock police protection since late

Sources said the letter accompanying the bloody foot was “rambling”
and referred to King, who is Catholic, as a Jew. “Somewhere in the message it
says ‘all the babies in America will be named Mohammed,’” the source said
according to Politico.
The letter, which also features off-color vitriol,
has to be interpreted “as a threat. It’s certainly not a sign of affection,” the
source told Politico. Capitol Police are investigating the matter in conjunction
with postal inspectors.

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