Charlie Sheen – A perfect example of the Dumming down of America!

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Miscellaneous
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The wayward star’s behavior, which
included lashing out at the show’s producer, Chuck Lorre, finally became too
much for Warner Bros. Television, which booted him from “Two and a Half Men” on
March 7.Sheen fired back with a $100 million
lawsuit and all-out media assault in which he informed the world about his
standing as a “rock star from Mars” and a “warlock” with “Adonis DNA” who lives
with two “goddesses” — both of whom he said would be at the Detroit show.

After the last couple of years, and the above view into the man’s mind, people were really truly surprised that Charlie Sheen sucked on stage at his first show. The man has sucked in movies and in television shows, why wouldn’t he suck on stage? In my humble, American protected by the First Ammendment, opinion…The man has no comedic talent or acting ability. He’s an immature, pathetic, addict who has a famous father. End of Story!

I also can’t believe people that bought tickets to Sheen’s first show lamented over the bad show that they paid money for. One brilliant member of American society actually purchased a second ticket for a future concert in another city and still planned on going after complaining how bad the show was. “His comments were, well you never know, he might melt down on stage.”

Another man who’s 69 years of age actually flew in for the concert. Another person said, “He’s a wreck, that’s half the draw.”

I have included some quotes from some of the attendees of Sheen’s first “concert”.

Toronto-area resident Ronnie Prentice was
among several fans outside the theater who said they were hoping to see Sheen

“It’s kind of like a NASCAR race. You’re
just tuning in because you’re just waiting for the accident to happen,” said
Ronnie Prentice, 37.

Adam Hawke said he bought a ticket for the
same reason.

“He might be doing something really
crazy,” said Hawke, 47, who works in the construction business and lives in
Michigan. “He’s a wreck. That’s half the draw.”

Geoff Rezek, 69, flew in from New York to
see what he believed was going to be “history in the making.”

“I wouldn’t miss the first show. Who knows
if there’s going to be a second show?” said Rezek, a computer consultant from
Connecticut, who said he also bought a ticket for Sheen’s show next week in his
home state.

One thing I will say about Sheen, which is obvious… Charlie Sheen is a man with a God shaped hole the size of Alaska and is in great need of God and prayer.

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Charlie really needs lots of help and he is a real train wreck. It is only matter of time if he ends up worse.

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