Trump for President? What’s your opinion?

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Politics
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Here is a link to a survey from NewsMax about your opinion if Donald Trump ran for President –

Not every strong, fiscally responsible U.S. President has been a Christian. While it would be a dream for the conservative Christian members of the conservative right to find a good strong Christian, with a killer personality who can get the job done, there really aren’t any currently. The two most recent U.S. Presidents have sold us out to Global power players and are trying to disolve our freedoms while we sleep, despite claiming to be Christians! Obama for instance has already insulted America by saying that it is no longer a Christian Nation (Did he ever ask America about that? He has forgotten that the President represents the people, we don’t represent him!), and with his supposed health care reform he has already thumbed his nose to millions of conservative, and even some liberal voters.

With Trump’s business success and his global enterprise experience, Trump would not only would be a good strong candidate that could win the Primary and Presidential Election, but also turn our country back from the economic abyss, and the brink of socialist insanity pushed by Obama and his “Czar” thugs. You know what you’re getting with Trump, he’s arrogant, he’s a powerful man, and with his business empire, he has global connections, and he answers to nobody but himself, unlike Bush and Obama.

Sarah Palin has been the golden girl of the Conservative right. However, I think she lacks the punch and overall strength that Trump has to win the primary and general election as President. She has good political experience and a strong presence.  Could they make a good team with her running as Vice President.? She’s popular and has a good head on her shoulders. Former Governor Mike Huckabee would be another good strong running mate with Trump. The Conservative side needs a good strong power player with experience in the front runner position who has a good popularity base, as well as a perceived strong supporter for Vice President.  One thing is clear, Conservatives can’t afford another front runner like McCain.

Voters on the right, and even many on the left think it is high time to say it…say it loud and say it clear…  Barry, YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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