My personal opinion – avoid

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

The movie that I saw on TBN was great but I am very angry over the incompetence of this organization.
I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB tomorrow.

On February 25th I ordered a DVD called “Mysterious Islands”, and the day I ordered it, it did not say back ordered.
I came back to check my order a week later because it still hadn’t come yet, despite a week passing and all my other orders from and several other places I’d ordered from the same day had already arrived long before, even things that I ordered after I ordered the DVD, had already arrived.

None of the other organizations “claim” to be Christian like this one does but they have far superior service to this place.
Customer service there is a joke. I’ve responded to their email twice and they have totally ignored me. One surefire way to make me angry is to ignore me, especially after I’ve sent you money.

I checked once and it was supposed to arrive at their location on 3/13/2011, did I get one shipped to me, even though it didn’t show backorder status when I ordered it? No I did not. I should have received a copy though!

I can’t believe that it takes 32 days to get a dvd ordered and still no apology or response for their lack of customer service and professional business practices. The only reason I haven’t already demanded my money back is I ordered the DVD on a Visa gift card which has since been disposed of.

I have checked numerous retail sites that sell this same DVD and they’ve had it in stock all the while this apparently incompetant organization has been failing to send my order that I bought and paid for on February 25, 2011.

Tomorrow, I’m going to file a complaint with the BBB, put a notice on my blog about this incident and call this organization. Oh yeah did you know these guys have a phone #? They’re not forthright like you would expect from a “Christian” organization and give out their phone # for contact… NOOOOOOOOOO you’ve got to get that from the freakin BBB. This company apparently doesn’t care about making it’s customers happy and  only provides an email contact from which they never respond.


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