or commercials like this one would scare the crap out of me!


This is just a commercial, technically…

However our country is quickly heading to this reality.

We once used to joke about “Made in Japan” or “Made in China”. However, before too long China will be laughing “We Own America”.

Is this reality the plot of a good science fiction movie? Or is it merely a conspiracy theory put together by a bunch of nut jobs with nothing better to do.

Things going on in America today remind me of a combo plot of, “The Matrix”, and “X-Files” all roled into one.

Only in this plot there is no Alien mother machine controlling our thoughts… Instead we have CNN, MSNBC, XBOX, Wii, Brad Pitt, Leonardio DiCaprio and a cast of thousands in Hollywood that are more than willing detractors and aids in the dumming down of America.

Fourty years ago, if anyone told a patriotic American that a Communist or a Socialist was in the Whitehouse, everyone and his grandchild would have grabbed their coat and hit the streets to make sure it never happened.

Now in 2011 we have a President ( I have grown ashamed of the word), in the Whitehouse who is proud of his Socialist, Communist, and terrorist connections, and most Americans are so well entertained and fat from fast food, that they don’t care, or are even aware that their rights guaranteed under the US Constitution are slowly but surely being ebbed away.

Make no mistake, this ebbing away of our rights as United States Citizens as guaranteed in our US Constitution, is much slower, less visible, but no less devastating than the recent Tidal Wave in Japan, to the American way of life as it has been known since the Pilgrims landed on the soil of what was to become the United States.

While I dislike the “Matrix” trilogy because of it’s New Age, Hindu, Bhuddist, Gnostic rhetoric, I would implore people to pull the plug from whatever has sucked their brains out and wake up and look around at what has happened in America.


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