Attention: Invisible Mikey and readers et al.

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Miscellaneous, Politics
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Attention: Invisible Mikey, and readers et al.

I don’t typically tear people apart in public, (because it’s nicer to do it in a private email).

However, this kind of crap, tossed about so freely and willingly, whose foul stench, would to anyone with any skills in critical thinking would cause them to throw up their hands in despair at the ignorance which passes for intelligence in today’s society. This expulsion of crap is a perfect example of one of the many things wrong with America today.

This kind of logical error, is so fraught with Red Herrings, and flawed critical thinking… It truly makes me have major concerns about what passes for education in today’s society.

I allowed his comments to stand because I hate it when people censor just because they disagree. In my opinion that’s gutless! As long as it isn’t vulgar I always let responses stand.

However, since it is after all, my blog – that doesn’t mean that I won’t tear their poor excuse of an argument to shreds. This kind of stupidity and arrogance can’t be ignored or tolerated. Ignorance is the only thing close to being as sad as death without a relationship with the Savior in my somewhat humble opinion!

Below you will find rebuttal of each section one by one:

1.   One greedy, dishonest doctor ran an unqualified “clinic” and hurt patients and committed crimes in order to make money illegally.

First of all,  (While it’s a bit of an Ad Hominym) You have to be a liberal, due to your appearing to be ignorant either by intent, or because you form your opinion not on the facts, but on liberal dogma and spouting forth erroneous garbage, you put forth in your best effort the armor which is the liberal creed like a good little foot soldier.

However, in reality all you’ve put forth is Garbage, crap piled on top of cow manure, in an effort to make yourself look intelligent at someone else’s expense, and draw any potential reader’s attention away from the facts.  This is defintely a typical liberal maneuver and just as easily spotted as a well-known Chess Master’s next move in a tournament of champions.

Wasn’t it Confucius who said, “It is better to leave your mouth closed, and let people think you a fool rather than to open it and remove all doubt!”

The first thing one learns in Critical Thinking is to remove yourself from your dogmatic way of thinking and step back and consider the facts, and ask if your beliefs could be in error.

             a.   First of all, the case in point in both the opening paragraph of the argument, and the thesis, clearly state that this is not another argument against abortion legalization. It was first and foremost a look into a grist mill of death and mayhem.

             b.   Second, the question just before the concluding paragraph asked, “can we be sure, there are no other clinics such as this operating in America. If such a thing could happen in the city of brotherly love (in what basically was the bedrock of our nation and the beginning place of liberty and the principles of our Constitution,) how can we believe anything but that there are most likely not just one other such “House of Horrors” .” , in all reality – it is most likely that many others do exist.

             c.   The conclusion of the article in summary asks the question that begs to be answered; “Did Roe v. Wade really protect women against barbaric, back door clinics…”  The only logical conclusion which can be reached, is obviously not.


1.   What does that have to do with Roe v. Wade? That’s like writing endlessly about a case where a dumped boyfriend runs over his ex with a car, and saying it proves no one should have drivers licenses.

(I’m sorry, for personal interjection here…  this has to be the one of the most ignorant choices of Red Herring throwing I’ve ever seen.

a.   First and foremost, and a crucial point, is that this argument has everything to do with Roe v. Wade. As the prevailing ruling of consent among the Supreme court at the time, the Chief Justice stated that it is the duty, and intent of this ruling to protect infants not yet at full term, who if were required to be birthed at such point would not successfully live, (even though long before this point in time, babies were born at a pound or less and still survived outside the womb.

b.   The other main argument, which is obviously ignored by this person, is the point made several times throughout the commentary that the main reason for this trial, and the rallying cry behind the supposed “planned” parenthood organization, has been and still to this day is… “Roe v. Wade has saved millions of women from barbaric backdoor clinics, because it has made abortion legal, and women no longer have to be afraid”.

c.   The story while long, was not endless, and certainly wasn’t pointless as this person so carelessly and ignorantly tries to point out… it was developing a case, building a pattern if you will, against the supposed safety of women behind the declaration of women’s freedom of choice and safety championed by the Roe v. Wade ruling. The argument he tries to compare with this incident is shocking, both in ignorance and scope of absurdity, especially by its attempt to deny the validity of the argument in the commentary.


2.   It’s comparing apples to oranges. The awful doctor would have done it whether or not Roe v. Wade existed.

a.   It is truly amazing, when someone tries to tear down a valid argument, by this type of weak, mindless posturing based on logical fallacies. However, some  modicum of respect should be allowed for this person… in this short paragraph, he throws in a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, and a straw man fallacy, and a slippery slope fallacy, (The perfect Trifecta of logical fallacies) in one fell swoop.

b.   This argument in its entirety is a slippery slope fallacy at its worst. This is like saying that we should legalize murder because there will always be people like Charles Manson.

c.   The whole idea behind this article, as has been mentioned already, is that Roe v. Wade was supposedly consented to, on the basis of protecting infants, who possibly could be born prematurely, not wanting them to have complications,  thus could be legally aborted. It was also meant to protect women from back door-alley way abortion clinics.


3.   A small percentage of doctors commit fraud, malpractice and medical negligence every day, but most (by a wide margin) do not.

a.           Leaving all the logical fallacies alone in this paragraph, let’s seriously consider the depravity of man… “most doctors don’t practice fraud, malpractice, and medical negligence”… hmmm how many don’t, simply because of what they would face if they broke the law. Let’s face it folks, let’s call a spade a spade and give the devil his due, any physician that would kill an unborn child either in or out of its mother’s womb… isn’t exactly the most ethical or moral of people! When you throw the Hippocratic Oath in, they are the worst of liars and oath breakers as well!  (Reminder for anyone that’s taken a basic business or business law class – just because it’s legal doesn’t make it moral or ethical)

 4.   Those who do it believe they can get away with it. They don’t care what the laws are.

a.   You’re kind of making the article’s point for it on this one. How many abortion doctors in America today are pushing the limit of the law every day? Is it legal to perform partial birth abortions? No. Do doctors all across the country perform them every day? Yes! Why are Doctors getting away with more and more and later and later abortions? Because Roe v. Wade opened the door. It surely does not take a conservative Christian mindset to see this does it?


5.   Your position is impassioned, but it’s not supported by the facts.

i.             This man murdered three women (that we know of,) and countless babies, both in and out of the womb.

ii.            Today, 37 years after Roe v. Wade was passed down:

a.      Let’s just take a look at the facts shall we? My whole point behind the commentary was not to stray into the whole is abortion, right or wrong argument. However, this incorrect statement – kind of leads me into going there, so as to disallow the possibility of anyone accidentally being led down his slippery slope and falling off the precipice of logic.  I digress under pressure.

b.  The facts are as follows:

  • ·         Women are still lied to about the child inside of them being just tissue and not a living, breathing, viable human being, who should be protected by the same rights given its birth mother. Nowhere in the entire consent in Roe v. Wade does it state that an infant is not viable or a human, worthy of human rights and protection under the US Constitution. That immoral and unethical argument has been added in letter if not by law, since 1973 to allow greedy people to make even more money, off the blood of innocent victims. (Side note: The current President stands by those, who want to pass laws allowing mothers to kill their unwanted babies up until 28 days after the baby has been removed from the mother’s body. Where and when will it end?)
  • ·         Still to this day, abortion clinics and planned parenthood centers keep young, impressionable teen girls, and even grown women away from ultrasound machines. Even when they do show the mother an ultrasound view, they lie to them giving them excuses why they should kill their unborn child rather than ways to keep it, perhaps even adopting it out to one of the millions of infertile couples in America.
  • ·         Here’s an interesting fact… People on the left are always posing the question “What about the woman/girl who’s raped or a victim of incest, or might die by giving birth?” That question amounts to a whopping one third of one percent of all abortions in the world. It certainly doesn’t help the young teen mother molested by her father when planned parenthood centers allow the abortion and never bother to call the police about the father’s misdeeds.
  • ·         Still to this day women and young girls are losing their ability to have future children, because their cervix or uterus is damaged. They never tell girls about that trauma in planned parenthood when they discuss the issue with the mother.
  • ·         Still to this day women die from hemorrhaging, and fatal infections, after abortions.
  • ·         Still to this day, statistics show that women are at higher risk of breast cancer after having an abortion.
  • ·         Still to this day City, County, State, and Federal agencies that should be monitoring these places of legal infanticide, obviously aren’t. The people that turn their backs on this kind of atrocity should be held to some account criminally if not civilly.
  1. iii.          All Roe v. Wade has done, has been to push the fabric of societal conscience back farther and farther allowing unethical doctors to assuage their guilt by providing a legal pedestal to stand on, and push societal mores back further and further. Despite the poor, ineffective efforts to belittle this commentary, it effectively blows the fallacy that women are protected under the legal shadow of Roe v. Wade out of the water.


If you have attended an accredited college…You would be well advised to demand your money back.


As usual these are personal opinions and as such are protected under the US Constitution of the United States of America.

  1. I must have accidentally hit the hot button for your anger, since after writing that you prefer not to use personal insults in a public space you then felt it necessary to do so. My main point was that your post was too long, and too narrowly focused on a single, horrible example. You can’t extend a single example of anything out to the cosmos and call your argument justified. In that same amount of space you might have cited dozens of additional examples and ended up with a stronger work. Instead you seem to have just cut and pasted from the work of others, without proper attribution. One of my best writing teachers advised that if you can’t say it in a thousand words, you probably can’t say it at all.

    As a committed Christian, I work to have more compassion for those imprisoned by their own worst impulses. I will pray for your healing.

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