holy eviscerated city Batman
***Thanks to Anthony Watts’ website wwww.wattsupwiththat.com for this piece of weather bloopery.
Global Warming? The aliens firing lazers at area 51 to force us into giving up their fallen heros and space ships?
Alamagordo going into Nuclear Meltdown because Homer Simpson is the new Facilities director?
Men in Black fighting off aliens from Venus?
Al Gore opening his mouth in yet another speach on Global Warming?
Tipper Gore thinking about her ex’s cheating ways?

Perhaps we’ll never truly know the answer to this mysteriously hot summer day in July 2010. šŸ™‚
or will we?

  1. bruceleeeowe says:

    I’m agree with you. Global warming is a serious problem and of course, in current we don’t need fighting with aliens.

    • my post was meant to be a joke.
      If you looked at the rest of my blog you would notice that I am more than just slightly a skeptic of Anthropogenic Catastrophic Global Warming, which is similar to the Holy Roman Empire. As the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman, The ACGW is neither man made, catastrophic, global or warming.

  2. sonsothunder says:

    Yeah I got the joke.lol
    I see you also recognized that my grand kids were trying to be creative on my blog last night too…what a mess. Thanks for commenting, but, I had to take the whole “Cat in the Bag” theme off of my site…lol, maybe you could come and read my latest(Colony lost from the start) by the way..how’d the job interview go?
    God Bless you

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