This used to be the world of girlscouts… Protection, innocence, education, teamwork, sports.
After reading the following article you will fear for your daughter.
If you have a daughter in Girl Scouts or you know someone with a daughter in Girl Scouts, you need to read this article. If you are considering allowing your daughter or grandaughter into Girl Scouts BE WARNED – IT ISN’T YOUR GRAMMA’S GIRL SCOUTS ANY MOREan article you don’t want to read with your children around

I can’t believe they are doing this to innocent girls. Should this be considered child porn, pedophilia or something illegal? Unfortunately Disgusting, creepy, and slimy is not a crime.

We were just shocked a week ago over the reports of school nurses being given the green light and “training” to give 5 year old children Condoms in school. Now this?


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