this picture comes from the skylinecollege Philopino group

I am only fifty.
Some of you might say, only? You’re as old as dirt! 🙂
I remember a time not that long ago, on 4th of July Church services Men and young boys would get on their knees and pray for wisdom and safety for the men and women who were overseas serving our country in foreign lands. During our prayers we would talk about what a great land we have been blessed to live in.
Now we have shut out God from our lives. Where once we were a humble nation and people, now we are arrogant and full of pride.
Where once we were a people who lent a hand to anyone in need, now we kick everyone to the curb and tell them “Get out of my way or I’ll run you down if you get in the way of mine”
I am old enough to remember where our nation has come from, and where it is going and it makes me sad, sad enough to cry.
God please bless America and its citizens again.
Before anyone say Amen and pat themselves on the back, far too many of the people kickin their neighbor to the curb wear the clothes of Christianity.

  1. sonsothunder says:

    Amen, God can only do for us what we allow Him to do. And when we shut our doors to Him, as is the sad reality of the mainstream of this country, we had better be prepared to pay the price alone. Or, at least, as a country.
    thanks for posting.
    God Bless you

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