For almost 100 years debtors prison has been illegal because the practice was nothing short of slavery.

But now, In Minnesota and other states people are being arrested for not paying their debts.

In some cases yes, of course people pay your debts pure and simple. If you’ve got the money, and you made the debt… pay it and be responsible.

In some cases however, there are people that would love to pay their debts, but because of what Congress, the Senate, and the President have done to the American economy they can’t.

Some people have a $400 a month car payment and they need a place to live. How are they supposed to pay their bills and be responsible on $370 a week or less in unemployment?

The big three debt collectors involved in this atrocity are — Unifund CCR Partners, Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc. and Debt Equities LLC — accounted for 15 percent of all debt-related arrest warrants issued in Minnesota since 2005, court data show. The debt buyers also file tens of thousands of other collection actions in the state, seeking court orders to make people pay.

The have been numerous people picked up that never received a demand to appear notice from the courts.

This has been happening mostly in Minneapolis but is starting to pick up across the country.
Here is a link to a very scary article
One key tip here is if you get a notice to appear from a debt collection company don’t assume it’s a joke even if it’s from a company you don’t recognize. Do your due dilligence and call the local court system.

  1. sonsothunder says:

    Yes, very sad reality of “things soon to come next” in the socialist takeover.
    There will be no more America, once they imprison, kill, or allow to die,all those whom they deem unworthy. Who will buy their products? Of course, by then the products will no longer be those made in America, and therefore, a global economy it shall be…and then what ? Will those of the Golden Rule ( He who controls the Gold Makes all the Rules) buy their own products? lol Such a futile attempt to control a world that their greed has so long ago destroyed. Sort of puts one in the mind of…a Pig, who only eats pork. Good post, thanks for sharing it.
    God Bless you

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