Ok hold the presses,
Apparently Global Warming isn’t a hoax, there apparently was a whole lot of warming going on between Nashville, TN and Portland, OR.

It has come out in the local news in the Portland, OR market, that a local legitimate massage therapist was called to the hotel room that Al Gore was staying in, and rather than letting him massage his sore “back” he apparently twisted her arm and put her hand under his towl and then proceeded to fondle her buttocks and breast.
Granted he is innocent until proven randy er um warming er um perverted er um innocent.

Apparently the presses can resume because the only warming is in Gore’s crotch.
Wonder if this hanky panky “greening” has anything to do with Tippers dumping Gore?
How many other panky’s that aren’t Tippers, have been hankied by Mr. Gore during his Marriage?


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