Old dogs and new tricks.

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Miscellaneous, Politics
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Ok here is a moment of humility on the part of the author.
Everyone has to learn something in life. Hopefully, one will learn something every day of their life.
I try to. Sometimes I go kicking and screaming, fighting to not hear words of wisdom at something I have not mastered as well as other things. Sometimes I pick up words of wisdom quickly.

When it comes to the arrows of words slung my way, I humbly have to admit that sometimes I am goaded into response before thinking.
I think everyone has some problem with this, but I can only answer for myself.
I know that there will be people who despise what I stand for and believe in. So therefore there is a modicum of expectancy for a certain kind of behavior. So therefore I should just accept it and go with the flow based on that knowledge.

I truly get tired of the snide comments, the baiting, then calling me a hypocrite when I stand up for myself, but I guess if that is what a person has to live for, I shouldn’t deny them of their trivial pleasures.

Lord knows with this crazy mixed up world there are few enough moments of pleasure these days.

So while I still stand for what I believe in and will never stop, I apologize if I have offended anyone by anything I’ve said to them directly. In honor of those who have posted to me, certain comments… I will endeavor to suck it up and be a man. 🙂

This does not mean that I will be changing my stance on certain political or scientific points of view. I will still be posting my viewpoints on certain topics, I just won’t be hunting trolls and snipes of a personal nature.


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