Your right to speak your mind is safe here! As long as I have breath and I have liberty!

Posted: June 13, 2010 in My BS (Bad Science) detector, Politics, Science
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This post is in response to someone who goes by Tamino
I am including my comments here because he erased my 7 other comments. I don’t know why, but I know my comments were just the truth and not insulting and I didn’t even use anyone’s name. Although he allows everyone in the world in insult Anthony Watts and others who stem the tide against the insanity known as Anthropogenic Global warming (AGW) or to be precice Anthrophogenic Catastrophic Global Warming even though they don’t like that moniker they’re always trying to push a new catastrophy onto and present it as being caused by (AGW)
While I am not for anyone getting violent, nor am I for anyone violating anyone’s expectancy of privacy, I refuse to stand down from my God given right to speak my mind. Diatribe? maybe. Coward? never. Red blooded American who’s tired of people taking my tax money for things I don’t agree with and then expecting to pat me on the head like a dumb little pet? heck no a million times no!

These comments are aimed more towards Tamino and others like him than towards Bill Walsh, I’m just commenting to the crowd at Tamino et al. .

I will start with Bills Comments and then make a seperate post for mine. Keep in mind this whole thing is in response to a person who has used agressive tactics previously as a wanna be journalist, who has no press credentials, who showed up one day at Mr. Anthony Watts place of business and demanded he answer her questions and started a shouting match as she was escorted off the premises. Mr. Watts would have been well within his rights to have her arrested but he is a good man who doesn’t stand for nonsense on his blog and because of this woman has done this now people on Tamino’s site are insulting Watts as they so often do when they can’t create an intelligent argument and Mr. Tamino wouldn’t allow any of my comments on his blog, they were much kinder and gentler than the ones here on my blog!

• Bill Walsh // June 8, 2010 at 4:51 pm | Reply
Though I don’t agree with much of what Mr. Watts has to say, just like I tire of the hyperbole from the AGW crowd, his blog is NOTHING remotely the same as yelling “fire” in a theater. That comparison is more of the same over the top rhetoric. Nobody is in direct harm nor fearing for their lives due to the actions of Watts. You have a choice. Believe him, or don’t, or take the bits and pieces for what they are worth, but it is not equal to criminal endangerment and inciting panic. Simply ignore him if that suits you. You don’t have the same choice sitting unaware in a public place.
I have to ask, when is this pissing match going to end? Why can’t we simply get to the point where we decide to simply take better care of the planet regardless of CO2, or a few degrees here or there? I suspect Mr. Watts likes clean water and air, just like you and I. Is it so hard to put aside political and ideological agendas to meet somewhere in the middle? Less doom and fear from one side and a simple admission that we need to be better people from the other?
Watts calling out Tamino and Eli for being unpatriotic? Some idiot going to Watts’ house to berate him in person? Where does it end? When it escalates to something physical–and from what I read that doesn’t seem far off–then what?
This debate is getting uglier and uglier by the day. Sad really, because not a damn thing is going to get done that is positive with the state of the discussion being what it is–circular. It has become just another arm of the BS partisan political world we have become

  1. sonsothunder says:

    The only thing on this post I see, that rings a bell to me, is the last sentence. And the saddest part about that (True) sentence, is that both sides of the general puppets, I mean public, are being played against the other, by constituents of a more global governing agenda, who are sitting in high string pulling positions on both sides of the stage.

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