This is my response to the user named Bill Walsh. Which if this wasn’t a world filled with greedy and or ignorant people this would be a nice utopia but unfortunately we are filled with a world of deceptively evil and wicked people and also ignorant people, the two are not always seperate!

Bill Walsh,
This pissing match will end, when the other side steps down from trying to get rich off cap and trade over something that has yet to be proven concisely beyond a shadow of a doubt.

We as humans stand accused of currently putting 30,000 metric square tonnes (MST) into the atmosphere and that is 2ppm of the current overall atmosphere.
Over the next 99 years they say that the current 387ppm of current CO2 levels will rise to 487 and we will get a big whopping .065C increase in temperature and you put the math together and leave out the bs FORTRAN code and the bs tree rings and that means in order to get to a 0% footprint of CO2 it would take 33 years of no humans and no animals on earth to change 1C degree of temperature. Where would you like to volunteer to go? I hear Mars, the Moon, and Venus have nice low level gas emissions in their greenhouse effect, minimal CO2 levels? 33 years with no animals or humans.

I offer my opposites hand in peace and he spits on it and wants to install cap and trade. Spain has cap and trade and businesses are leaving that country right and left and in less than a year now they have a 21% unemployment rate. Greece? You wanna talk hands across the water?

When people like Jones, Mann, Briffa et al. stop lying in the name of their plush chairs and cushy offices at the tune of 1.7 trillion American taxpayers dollars I will hold my hand out and keep it out despite the knife slashes and spitting aimed in its direction.


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