another post on Mandias website.
I didn’t have to load my verbal weapon this time, they just walked right in and slammed the door on themselves. This is my response to someone that goes by motherincarnate.
motherincarnate…. yeah debate…. that would certainly be a miracle indeed since the other side never does debate and for good reason. On the rare occasion they have wandered out of their elitist offices and plush office chairs and wait for their eyes to adjust to natural light, they get their clocks cleaned in the debate arena. I could be wrong with my numbers, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong, ( I know you will) but to my best accounting there has been less than a dozen serious debates between real skeptics and the alarmist side and on each debate there was a royal trouncing. People like the moderator/owner of this site constantly belittle Monkton but as stupid and lame and full of bad science as he supposedly is according to Mr. Mandia, he has seriously and without question thrashed your debaters and made them run home to their mammas.

so if Monkton is as inept as he is, if global skeptics are as lame as we are, why are we always willing for a debate and have won every one. If that’s the case what does that say for the science behind ACGW and the scientists pushing the agenda?
Any other comments you care to make motherincarnate before Mandia snips me?


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