Boycott The Red and black cafe

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Politics
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Video of Police officer who is a victim of arrogance and ignorancehere is just one example of some of the arrogant and annoying comments that people have expressed on local News channel 8 KGW tv’s blog and the ladies blog that was in the video.
1. Dustin says
“He is there to do his job.”
Which is precisely what makes people uncomfortable. When your job has historically (and presently and by all indications continuing) been to protect the wealthier classes by defending an arbitrary property declaration, while simultaneously creating a line of violent threat (the police) to castigate the poorer classes (common how many of the police murders in this city have been of the wealthy? Or even middle class? Zero) you are likely to make people uncomfortable in the job you do.
How many times does the “just doing my job” or “just following orders” line have to be demonstrated to be the refuge of predators before people get it through their heads that just because some of you feel warm and cozy when agents of institutional violence are around doesn’t mean that the feeling is universal. There is another side of the coin, it’s called poverty, see how long your respect for the police remains when you drop a few tax brackets and find your self struggling to live. Who will be coming to kick you out of your home and into the street? Certainly isn’t the Red and Black cafe owners.

**My response** Dustin, Castigate the poor classes?
Ooooooh please.
You do realize that 99% of the time that the Police get into a row with people is because they were either doing something illegal or they were intending to do something illegal and just got caught before they had a chance to.
You don’t here the white trash in SouthEast Portland going on and on about how bad the Potland pOlice are.
They get busted and do their time. Please let’s get serious here folks and lose the liberal whitewashed college level pscychology BS Dustin.
The difference between the 99.999% of the police in Portland Oregon is so far and removed from the Police in late 19th Century and early 20th Century South it’s pathetic and so is your attempt at focusing the blame on the Police boogeyman.
You know I grew up watching Eldredge Cleaver talking on the street corners in Oakland California. They used the same rhetoric for political purposes, but at least the Black Panthers were honest enough to admit it was all politics.
And your sorry stale trite expressions about the rich setting up property lines and keeping the poor out is as stale as when I heard it in the 60’s in Berkely.
I can guarantee you that if i had the unfortunate displeasure of knowing you in person and walked up to you on a street corner and smashed your nose in and stole your car you would be the very first running to the local phone to call the police and tell them your woes.
I never would because you are quite frankly beneath me and not worth my time as it’s not worth my time to squish a bug. You agnostic socialists are all the same. You push out God, you push the line of reason with your communistic rhetoric, and you try to make hard working honest decent citizens feel guilty for having something that those who chose to cheat and steal and be lazy don’t have when if they were hard working productive members of society instead of trying to blame everyone for what they don’t have they would have it too.
1. Dustin quite frankly if your post wasn’t so angering I would laugh at your ignorant comments.
I am currently unemployed and have been for almost 2 years because of people like you and President Obama. I am currently about as poor as I can get.
But the difference between me and you and the other whiners out there is I am going to school. I lost my job due to a stupid decision on my previous managers part not due to anything I did. I could sit around and mope and be bitter and send threatening letters and go out on the street corner and use and sell crack. However, I have my pride, my brain and a strong will. I am like those millions who came to America with nothing and fought their way to a destiny they could look back and be proud of.
Castigation of the poor indeed.
How long did it take you to look that word up in the dictionary any way?

  1. lettrist says:

    cop free zone! yes

    • I’m sorry you feel that way. The US Constitution gives you the freedom to express that. However, I hope you are never mugged or assaulted or chased by a gang of thugs in a “cop free” zone.

      • lettrist says:

        blah blah blah the us constitution my ass. the reason we can have a cop free zone is because we trust each other, know each other, and no gang of thugs wants to mess with somebody who would defend that. the police are a gang of thugs.

      • Unhuh yeah good luck with that. Utopia has never been found because they always try to bring their friends in. Mankind is evil and deceitfully wicked. I guarantee you that without police officers driving around doing their job, you wouldn’t be able to sit dreaming about your utopia that will never come about. No matter how smart you think you are, there’s always been someone who’s been there and tried it before you. There is nothing new under the son. It’s all been tried and it’s all failed. But good luck anyway.

    • Anna says:

      I wonder if this has anything to do with it?:

  2. While I support the first ammendment and fully support their right to express their opinion in that PDF, I think it is ludicrous and morally repugnant.

    They have a list of maybe 9 or 10 police officers who have done something illegal.
    Once again I ask how you would react if you had people known to carry knives and guns in a situation where you have a less than a second to think.

    Are you trying to say that scumbags never blow away cops? I can show you a list of a lot more cops that were good honest decent men blown down by beings that aren’t even people in my opinion they are animals, beasts that prey and if anyone gets in their way bam bam, too bad wife and little child of the officer that was shot.

    These people who complain about cops are the first to call them when they have their rights violated.

    while these antagonistic anti law anti protection people aren’t even socialists, they aren’t anarchist’s, they are antagonists whose only and sole purpose is to try and cause problems. They try to spout the ludicrous garbage of let everyone get along and it’s all relative blah blah blah.
    It’s relative until you punch one of them in the face or steal something of theirs then they whine about it and call the cops because they’ve been violated.

    protecting the rights of the rich so the poor can be pushed down, do you poeple not even realize how trite and over used your own garbage is?

    Please, if you think it’s so good in Russia move there. No wait don’t because the liberals are trying to turn the US into Russia. Did you guys get that info for that PDF on your own or do you have an old tired angry hippy for a professor feeding you that tripe?
    I will let most comments stand on my blog, but if you post something stupid, it doesn’t mean that I won’t show you how wrong and or stupid it was!

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