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Posted: June 1, 2010 in Crooked Politicians, Crooked politics, My BS (Bad Science) detector, Politics, Science
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I just don’t think people are getting what is going on here.
They are trying to take our freedom and independance and soveriegnty all in the name of carbon excess when it’s neither driving temperature, nor is temperature a concern according to the data when you remove the biases from Jones and Hansen.

****June 1, 2010 at 12:01 am
he (Mann)has lied to the US Senate while speaking in the US Senate. This should be turned over to a Federal Special Investigator who would have blanket investigative priviledge. Since Michael Mann has pushed his crap as truth to the Federal Government it falls under the US Freedom of information act and has pull over anything the idiots at at University of Virginia or Penn state want to hold onto.
If there’s nothing to worry about why are they fighting so hard to keep the truth from coming out.
Who was the idiot earlier that made a comment about we wouldn’t want the democrats going after Dr. Lindzen?

Bullpucky, if a scientist is doing something that is lying to the US Senate and potentially costing tax payers trillions in taxes and higher unemployment ratings and payouts I would want him hung out to dry no matter what side of the scale he was on.

However to use Professor Lindzen he has been ostracized, insulted and maligned for simply standing up to the CRU boys and others who insist on slinging the same cow pucky against the wall and insisting it’s valid science.
This is getting back to the same red herring that was used when Bill Clinton perjured himself before the US Senate. The liberals threw out the red herring of “What happens in a man’s bedroom is his business… Well first of all he didn’t do it in his bedroom he did it in the Oval office and a million other places and the main fact is he perjured himself on more that one occasion to the US Senate, which is an offense punishable by impeachment and possible jail time.

This is a similar issue… Friends of Jones and Mann have said in Britain that they were merely using colloquialisms in the Crutape emails. BS let’s call a spade a spade, they were violating US and Britain freedom of information acts which is a violation of Federal Law in the US and not sure what in Britain. They were also guilty of violating numerous step of scientific method to make their hypotheses meet their desired outcome. This mis-information was then fed to the US Government for them to make their decisions on climate change which potentially can cost tax payers trillions of unnecessary taxes. That is worth of RICO act charges.

You people keep missing the importance of this to the future of science and politics in America. How can we trust Academia to govern itself when it has showed on multiple occasions that it has violated the letter of science and violated federal laws on at least two continents? How can we trust Academia to govern itself and make a non biased opinion when time after time they have showed an old boy school mentality and scrubbed each other’s messes and watched each other’s backs on numerous occasions. I mean for crying outloud they kept a perfectly good paper from being Peer reviewed in their vaunted journals and conspired to fire a perfectly good journal editor.
Come on people you are still falling for their red herrings hook line and sinker!
Wake up and see this for what it is.
I feel like I’m waiving a red flag because a child just had their throat slit and blood is gushing out of their veins and they are losing their life and everyone is trying to put a bandaid on her toe because she has a wart on her toe.
Maybe some of you are too close to this as scientists to see what this really is all about and maybe you need to step back from your bunson burners and take a look at the whole picture!

  1. scargirl says:

    i think you have merely stated what a lot of people think.

    • As to merely…
      The problem is far too many people just sit and read things like this and don’t make comments of their own and don’t ever do anything about it.
      Thus the reason for my blog and my book that I’m working on.

      I’m trying to encite people to action and reaction.
      I’m trying to wake America up from it’s apathy and lethargy.

      Far too many people think the Emperor’s new clothes are beautiful and rich and in reality the Emperor is naked and his skin is raw and pustulent and putrified beyond leaprosy.

  2. scargirl says:

    well, we must understand what Peter was talking about in his epistles. The earth has already been destroyed. Global warming has been happening since the flood and no one can stop what God has put in motion. The up side is, He is going to make a New Heaven and a New Earth. Paradise regained.

    • This is true, I know that the Lord will one day destroy the earth in a great catastrophic fireball.
      However, we are called to be good stewards of our planet and the animals while we are here. The was the direct job of Adam and Eve and that is our inherited job.

      Also we are called to be diligent, seekers of the truth. While we are here, we are tonot let evil win without a fight.
      Make no mistake, what Al Gore and others are doing is evil. It is part of an agenda to turn our nation over to the EU, UN or whatever entity it turns into to form a one world government. Does that ring a bell? They are bastardizing the nation that was created by God for Christians, and was founded by Christians for God. As such we should stand up for our principles and seek to stem the tide and let others know what’s coming. We should not be selfish and hold on to the great and beautiful future we have in heaven while those that don’t know the Lord, are being deceived by evil men.

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