This is in response to some comments made on the Watts Up With That blog under the article Ken Cuccinelli versus 810 academics..
I am glad Mr. McKitrick came and made his comment as I was concerned for a while that he wasn’t wanting science to be trumped by governmental investigation as if science is above the law. I’ve read numerous warmist websites congratulate Mr. Mckitrick for standing out against AG Cuccineli. However, like usual the warmists just can’t seem to get it right. I don’t see anything in any writings by Mr. McKitrick or by Mr. McIntyre where they have said that government shouldn’t meddle in the affairs of science. The only thing I’ve seen Mr. McKitrick say here or anywhere is:
1. That is not exactly what we said or accomplished, such and such is
2. If Cuccineli or any other AG is going to go after Mann or anyone else they better get their facts straight and go at this correctly.
(Mr McKitrick correct me if I’m wrong)
Nick Stokes and others who are crying out against Cuccineli, on the Wattsupwiththat blog, I apply the same kind of logic to you and your alarmist warmist community.

Before you expect me to pay until November for taxes which are wholly unnecessary and since based on the lies and practices of a shoddy scientist, then get your facts straight.

If a scientist has to knowingly put information into a collection of data to force it to display his desired outcome, he is not only violating the code of science by demolishing the scientific method three ways to Sunday, but he perjured himself before the US Senate Energy council when he spoke before them, and He and the University of Virginia are in direct violation of the Federal Freedom of Information Act.

I think Cuccineli is completely correct in investigating this matter, but I think he should wait and involved the US Government, as Mr. Mann and Mr. Jones have perjured themselves before the US Senate and British Parliament. Just because the British High Council was stupid enough, and bough enough to release Mr. Jones from all wrong doing, I don’t think we should be.
For those who say if the government goes after Mann that it will destroy the freedom to advance science in America.

No it won’t! It will only keep dishonest scientists from being brave enough to ever attempt this sort of crime in the future.
For those of you who don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of this being a crime, Mann, Gore, and others because of their lies and bad science, have caused the US Government to hop down a bad bunny trail and fork over trillions of tax payer’s money to further studies of climate change. That is money that could have been used other places in much better ways for things far more important than the possibility of the global temperatures increasing 1 lousy degree centigrade over the next century. There isn’t even any proof that it will, and certainly no proof that it is anthropogenic in nature.

Gore and Obama and Pochauri and others expect us to sit still while they cram huge debt down our throat and disastrous ideas like cap and trade down our throats and idly sit by while people like Mann and Jones like through their teeth. I for one will not sit still for it. Science and Scientists, and Politicians be damned if they think they are going to convince me to work until November to pay taxes for something that isn’t real!

Back when our country was a fledgling nation people were tried for treason for crimes less devastating than this. Politicians have become strange bedfellows with Scientists and both should be afraid of lying to the American People and trying to take away their freedoms and hard earned money.

If you are implying that we should merely allow scientists to govern themselves and keep the government out, aren’t we discussing the facts of how truly bad a job the scientists have been doing of governing and watching themselves?
I think the turned over CRU team letters say that far better than any attorney ever could.
Being a Centrist I am far from wanting more and bigger bad government interupting our daily life, but someone aside from politicians and scientists need to govern this kind of thing.
What should happen is there should be a citizen watch group but of course the politicians and scientists both would say it’s far too complicated to have mere civilians monitor and pat us on the head and tell us how stupid we are.
I woud promptly bite the hand that pats me and say put me in there and I’ll show you how stupid we are!

HR read my 3 comments above to realize how inconsequential that would be in comparison to what was perpetrated across the globe by these men.
These is far more outreaching than anything that Nixon perpetrated and he was crucified because he helped Golda Meier out when her country was about to be wiped off the face of the earth rather than holding his hand like they wanted him to, it wasn’t really about watergate or the 18 minutes of missing tape.
What Gore and Mann and Obama and Pachauri have perpetrated on America and the World is nothing short of treason and such villainy as to make Charles Manson look like a schoolboy in a Catholic Uniform who wet his pants.

Over 1.8 trillion dollars has been spent by the US Government in the last 10-15 years on climate change studies, millions if not billions have been wasted on other green studies because of climate change. These men aren’t altruistic with a concern for the environment… please. They are concerned about their leather office chairs and their huge budgets.
Gore has two companies that are already set up to handle carbon trade, Until recently Obama was a principal in the Chicago Carbon exchange and the Emerald City. For Obama to push cap and trade is a massive conflict of interest.
You don’t think it’s unrelated that Obama and Emmanuel had Clinton try to bribe Sestak not to run in the primary of the Pennsylvania Senate race against Arlen Spechter?


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