There are more and more people getting angry and upset over the intentional falsehoods, and misdeeds that the side of Warming alarmists is perpetrating on the global population.
There are ordinary citizens like myself and over 31,000 scientists who have signed the Petition against global warming. The alarmists have tried to knock it down and destroy its importance but they have failed.
The following link does an excellent job of pointing out just how full of deceit and trickery the alarmist side is. They have to be, they have millions in contracts, taxes, and grant funding at stake if they give up the fight. Ahh… but our side has much more at stake if we give up, truth, our heritage, our sanity, our pocket book and our sovereignty to a global governance (read government).

  1. sonsothunder says:

    Amen, I totally agree, as I have commented before to one of your post in this area …

    But, hey, what’s an ex-vice, wanna-B president to do, but to capitalize on the obvious, apathetic, oblivion that the current administration, and many before it have proven the general puppets, I mean public of this country to be?

    Even the president makes a joke of the country over the Memorial Day Weekend, by, instead of honoring the troops, and those who fought and died to make the constitution a “Solidity” rather than the affluent, suggestion.. as you pointed out in another post, that he professes it to be, Where’s he celebrating his holiday weekend? Partying with Paul McCartney….I can hear his rebuttal to the paparazzi … now..

    Okay, but, I didn’t inhale!!!! give us a break here already.

  2. sonsothunder says:

    But, I have to give equal credit to the hoodwinking skills on both sides of the fence…
    Bush was the prop man, for the punch line to come…his constant underlying, subjective conditioning tactics, in my opinion, was just setting up the stage for the final show down cast to walk on and close the curtains. Those who had much hope of seeing any of the money that they have put into social security for years, well, they can still hope I suppose.
    See ya

  3. Caleb Bure says:

    I actually thouroughly liked this subject A fellow person of reason and intellect Mighty is Truth and it will prevail – Blog it seemed to be a really sweet view with thanks

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