News Headlines are breaking about our President yet once again doing something in direct violation to the US Constitution. News just broke that he had Rahm Emmanuel used Bill Clinton offer an unpaid position as a senior executive advisor on the executive advisory committee, if he would continue as Representative, and drop his bid in the Primary against long termer Arlin Spechter. This opportunity would have allowed him to be an executive advisor to the President and still sit in the House. Would this be a travesty against the US Constitution and a major conflict of interest and a direct violation of the intent of the 3 branches of power to prevent conflict of interest and over stretching of power?
This should come as no great surprise as from the very beginning of Obama’s election bid he has stated continuously that the US Constitution is not set in stone but a fluid document and he intends to change it.
Remember that word change? We’re getting change, change like the Italians got with Mussolini, like the Chinese got with Mao, and like the Russians got with Lenin and Stalin.
The Whitehouse released a press statement that the Presidents group of council states that the Whitehouse did no wrong. Well sure…. I’m sure Charlie Manson’s attorneys still say he did no wrong too.
I am a registered Democrat but I agree with the GOP that there needs to be an independent investigation into this.
This needs to stop and stop now! These men need to be shown and shown quickly that they are NOT above the law and they cannot spit in the face of our founding fathers nor the US Constitution.
The Congress needs to do something about this or Congress, and the people, if we don’t demand action, will prove the progressives right, in their theory about the citizens being stupid and not aware enough to control our destinies.

  1. sonsothunder says:

    Oh you are hammering spot on here. You know it is so hard to believe that the majority of Americans today are so passive, and uninvolved with the things that are taking place right before our eyes, that they just can’t see what’s really going on.
    Hard to believe, but, it is written…as we well know.

    Most of those who think that the change is a positive one, still look to the Twin Towers Tragedy, as being completely “Terrorist” from the Mid East orchestrated. To me, that’s sad, more like Mid East of Alexandria Virgina. At least, one part of that institution. But, sadly again, how large a part of those on the Hill are actually Global governing system constituents ?

    That of course is even a mystery to those of us who can see through the Oil Smeared Gulf Coast tragedy, and all of the less extreme conditioning implementations which have led up to such tragic events.

    Seems even here on these blog sites, it’s easy to spot those who are following the leader into the abyss out of shear apathetic blindness. I mean, I would like to think positive about everything, and lie back and trust those who are in charge enough to …well, relax…just as many of those who respond to post from poets who mention the shrimp boats that used to look like winged gull landing in the waters of the Gulf, no longer being seen…by saying, Oh how beautiful your words of poetry are…well, we’ll just have to use our wings that you speak of in your poem, to clean all that mess up!!!!!Hello!!!!…Lady, that ain’t Gene Autry in the white house…If cleaning it up was even a slight part of the ultimate plan behind it…BP wouldn’t be able to tell the reporters what they can and can not see, or report on down there…and furthermore…the FLOW would have been stopped long ago.

    I’m sorry for going on like this … but, you did say you wanted threads…
    Hey, here’s a shocker when it comes to the import, export, economy people, WE ARE NO LONGER going to be an exporter of anything before long as a country.

    Living here in eastern/coastal North Carolina, it’s not that hard to see what’s taking place, or, well, for some of us anyway. I mean, if you look back to the family farms being put out of business, and conglomerated probably 30 years ago, (or more) though seems like yesterday; then the interstate trucking business’s sucked into the machine; and of course, the three major Rail Roads were the overall beneficiaries of that ordeal. Oh, and who is it that owns those? The U.S. Government of course. Then the list goes on…but brings me to the Gulf Coast point.

    Ironically, the same thing that has put all the fishing, and shrimping boats at bay down there, is the latest thing that has moored the boats here, for ten years now…and that is Oil…not in the sea, but, not in the tanks of the boats that it takes to run either. Long before that, however, the Carolina fishing industry was halted , by restrictions of catching, and selling the most desired sized shrimp, (Calabash) style…yet, as the great ships of China are seen on the shipping lane horizons, gradually coming to shore, till they look like a small city docked at bay. Trucks line up on the docks, to distribute the same SIZE shrimp, which, we are apparently still allowed to eat…only from Millions of pounds of Frozen Boxes…imported from China.
    Hello people…can you say Global economy???

    When the powers that be decide that it is time to make that final move into action, ( which the European Union was set in September of this past year I believe it was) Then they will take whatever extreme measures they deem necessary to shut down anything, or country standing in their way. I’m sorry ,but, the Oil explosion off the coast of Louisiana, in my opinion …Was No Accident!!!

    Okay, I’m done now…God Bless you…

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