Response to comment re: Elena Kagan

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Politics
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Link 1 – printable Link 2 – armed_forces
Ok Ed I believe we are referring to Section 9528 and related provisions of the National Defense Authorization act which originated in 1916, was updated in 1920, and numerous times since then. This was strengthened under the Army reorganization act of 1950.
I have included links to a couple of documents but there is a lot of information available about this subject.
Now as to Elena Kagan’s legacy for Harvard Law School. She was Dean at HLS from 2003-2009. I believe that is well after 1916, 1920 or 1950.

I would also like to comment that not only did she directly violate Federal Law when she enacted the ban on military recruitment in 2009, she allowed Muslims to come and recruit on campus for students to join their project on Sharian law.

She also implemented the new policy which unfortunately still exists to stop requiring the study of US Constitutional Law for graduation requirements. This has been a requirement and justly so for over 150 years. The Constitution is what drives our legal system. Do we really want a Judge sitting on the supreme court that doesn’t believe the Constitution is important?


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