Lake Tanganyka area warming

Posted: May 22, 2010 in My BS (Bad Science) detector
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Part 1.
I have been researching this whole issue for the last couple of days.
At someone’s suggestion I went to check out the following article but unfortunately they only provide Abstracts through ProQuest and I can’t afford to sign up for their membership. Hydrothermal vents in Lake Tanganyika, East African Rift system
Pflumio, Catherine, Castrec, Maryse, Boulegue, Jacques, Gente, Pascal, et al. Geology. Boulder: Jun 1993. Vol. 21, Iss. 6; pg. 499

One would think that if there are active thermal vents that we’ve known about since at least 1990 this could have something to do with the issue.

It would also appear that there is a massive overharvesting of fishing going on that makes the gillnetting/long lining of salmon look like a drop in the bucket.
Also there is a massive problem with land use issues.
Granted the last two issues are man caused but have absolutely nothing to do with AGW.

I also read an article that shows that there have been higher than normal wind conditions which inevitably dry out the surface which is going to cause conflicting temperature anomalies.
I’ve also read about Gustave the killer Croc which could be eating up large amounts of fish. A much more viable option than AGW, especially since the authors admit that they only took two samples from a huge body of water.
The above is a link to a scholastic database of a National Geographic Article.
Is an interesting article about how the two major species of fish have major variances in population.
Limnological variability and pelagic fish abundance
(Stolothrissa tanganicae and Lates stappersii)
in Lake Tanganyika
P.-D. Plisnier Æ H. Mgana Æ I. Kimirei Æ A. Chande Æ L. Makasa Æ
J. Chimanga Æ F. Zulu Æ C. Cocquyt Æ S. Horion Æ N. Bergamino Æ
J. Naithani Æ E. Deleersnijder Æ L. Andre´ Æ J.-P. Descy Æ Y. Cornet
Received: 24 June 2008 / Revised: 12 December 2008 / Accepted: 2 January 2009 / Published online: 2 February 2009
_ Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2009


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