Victims of Bad Politics or Policy

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Victims of Bad Science or Bad politics
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There are a lot of things that I can put up with but one of the things I have never been able to tolerate is bullies. Whether it’s the bully on the street corner of the neighborhood, a bully in Government, I have never been able to abide bullies.
The current theme in Washington today, especially in the offices of the FTC, is the practice of intimidation, threatened jail time, and removal of Constitutional Rights.
Now you’re saying ok now this guy for sure is a conspiracy nut. Stick around for the rest of the story though, you could be next.
Here is the copy of the FTC Cease and decist order.
Approximately two years ago, while Millions of Americans were innocently carrying out their lives, the FTC conducted a Witch Hunt against online and brick and mortar vitamin and nutritional supplement agencies/vendors and also nutritional counseling providers. There were roughly 100-200 agencies that they went after. There has been only one company that has stood against the FTC and now the owners, a couple… Jim & Tricia Feijo (friends of mine) are facing governmental prosecution, loss of their legitimate business, jail time and governmental harassment. They have not spent one day in front of an elected judge in a US Courtroom (County, US District, State, Supreme, or Appellate), nor have they stood before a jury of their peers, or been given the ability to have witnesses testify on their behalf. This sounds like a freakin’ nightmare, or something out of a Hollywood blockbuster or a NY Times best seller list. Here
However since Jim is 61 and Tricia is 54, I can guarantee you they are not looking forward to losing their future or their business.
The FTC has given them a cease and desist order to stop giving nutritional counseling to people. Nutritional counseling has been a great part of over-all health guidance in hospitals and medical centers for years. However, since these folks offer suggestions combined with nutritional supplements, The FTC has told them to cease. Ask yourself why the FTC would be doing this? You should have hopefully been asking that question all along.
They have also been demanded by the FTC to send a preprinted letter from the FTC on their own letterhead at their expense telling all their clients that they have misled them intentionally and that if the person has cancer they should stop taking any and all nutritional supplements and or vitamins and begin taking chemo and radiation treatments immediately.
They have also demanded that they turn over all client information of both clients, and past clients to the FTC.
This has been happening right here in America. Since when under the US Constitutional guidelines and established law in the land of the United States of America, can any governmental agency promote their own judge without a vote of the people or appointment by the office of the President and start inflicting their own laws on the people, and enforcing them. The rights under Habeas Corpus and the Bill of Rights are being totally ignored by this un-American, Non-Constitutional fascist wing of the FTC.
They have been sanctioned by the judicial, legislative, and executive branches for over stepping their bounds before and violating people’s rights but this goes so far beyond anything they’ve done before. This is a fascist regime passing their own laws and promoting their own judges under the nose of the US President and nothing is being done to stop it. Isn’t passing of laws, promoting your own judge, and violating the laws under the US Constitution an Act of Treason against the United States of America and more importantly its people…. You know forming a more perfect Nation, for the people, of the People, and by the people?
Here is their website discussing this treasonous act against the civil liberties, civil and Constitutional rights –

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