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Posted: May 10, 2010 in Politics, Uncategorized
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Magna Est Veritas, Et Praevalbet… Mighty is Truth, and it will Prevail.
What is Truth?
Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream about Truth and Honor and Dignity.
President Kennedy spoke about Truth when he told us we need to think of the country and what we can do for it not what the country can do for us.
Most people don’t care about truth anymore. In fact, if it doesn’t involve feeding ones face, sleep, video games, television or what I get out of it, far too many people don’t care about much anymore.
Why should you care about global warming, about bad politics, about people who are victims of our Government right here in America? Two reasons:

1. An old story of a man that didn’t lift a finger to help or cry for help as the spies and secret police came for his neighbors. They came for neighbor after neighbor, but they never came for him. Then one day those that were left watched him get carried away.
2. There is another story that has a scientific ring of truth to it. It is told about a frog that if you put it in the pot of hot boiling water it will jump out immediately. However if you put it in cold water, slowly turn the heat up, do so slowly and consistently, it will allow itself to be boiled to death.
Do you want to be the Frog, the Quite Neighbor, or a Beacon in the Night, shining truth into a dark world?
I am going to be covering things going on in US Politics and Science mostly, but there will be International discussions along a similar nature.
Why am I doing this? I am a student, I see in the very nature of the side of the Anthropogenic Catastrophic Global Warming group an insidious evil that is bastardizing science and education. There can be no sleeping or lax time because our very educational inheritance and the sovereignty of our beautiful nation is at stake, and so is our freedom, and our pocket-book.
I hope to shed some light onto the darkness through my views, beliefs, and opinions, which after all is what a blog spot is all about in its very essence. I also plan on using very important information and data sets provided by investigative journalists, scientists, and one “for real” British Viscount.
I will attempt to lower the brevity of the subject with what I feel are humorous cartoons or video links and I will listen to what others have to say, but no guarantee that if you throw an ad homonym, red herring, or Non-Sequiter into the fray that I won’t boot your comment quickly.

I as do all Blog Author’s reserve the right to remove any and all comments that I find distasteful, a waste of brain activity or just annoys me for reasons that are my own. Also any comments regarding any specific individuals are made to shed light on certain activities or actions and are not to be construed as a for profit agenda on my part but my freedom of expression as guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. At least until those that are trying destroy, shred fold, spindle and otherwise mutilate the Constitution of the United States of America.


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